Posted on: February 4, 2009 2:35 pm

Allard torches Torre

He's your problem now, LA. Ouch.

I have spent an extremely uneasy day reading The Yankee Years cover to cover. I have not felt this ill at ease since back in graduate school, when I had to read dozens of speeches given by Senator Joe McCarthy as part of a project on Senatorial abuse of power.

For those who have only read the excerpts, rest assured that they are not “taken out of context” as some have weakly claimed. There are what they are: the sad rambling of a feeble old man with an ax to grind.

In many ways, I wish I had not read the book. For my life is now divided into two discernible segments. There is my life before I knew that Yankee Trainer Gene Monahan rubbed strong liniment on Roger Clemens’ testicles on days that he pitched. (I think of these as the care-free, innocent years.)

And there is my life after I inadvertently gained the knowledge that Monahan’s hands strayed into Roger’s nether regions. (These will no doubt become known as my “intense therapy” years.)

I wonder how Monahan feels about the world knowing the delicate intricacies of his job?

Thanks Joe, It wasn’t bad enough that you personally gave away the 2003 World Series and the 2004 ALCS, to our hated rivals no less, but now I have to deal with the misguided imagery in your book. The book in which you “stand by everything in it.”

Torre’s skulduggery doesn’t end at Clemens’ testicles. I also found it indecent that Torre went out of his way to paint Kevin Brown as a scared and beaten man.

Why is it necessary to expose Kevin Brown’s vulnerability and weakness in a way that thoroughly embarrasses him?
Sure, Kevin Brown was a difficult teammate and by the time the Yanks got him, the degenerating disks in his back would not allow him to compete at the level he was used to. We all know that.

But Torre, in an attempt to blame everyone but himself for the Yanks’ woes since 2001, has no decency. In a transparent attempt to protect the legacy of his championship years, he goes out of his way to suggest that all the guys Cashman bought in after those years were in one way or another morally degenerate.

Torre even spends time soiling the reputation of those who never played for him, saying that Carlos Beltran wanted to don pinstripes in order to “hide among the trees.”

While Torre spends the week doing damage control in New York, the Dodgers are kicking off their Spring Training caravan that culminates in the opening of their new spring facilities in Arizona.

Meanwhile, their current manager is 3,000 miles away, living in the past, obsessed with his former employer. If you want some real reading fun, check out the Los Angeles papers online or the various Dodger forums and see what they have to say about J-Fraud.

Good Luck Dodgers. He’s your problem now.

Clueless Joe indeed.


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