Posted on: August 20, 2009 10:57 am

Nardi speaks

Nardi Contreras, that is-Yankee minor league pitching guru- sat down with Trenton Thunder beat writer Mike Ashmore to discuss the state of the pitching in the Yankee minor leagues:

On Ian Kennedy pitching a regular season game somewhere: “I don’t think so.  At least not in the minor leagues, unless the Triple-A team goes to the playoffs.  Because he’s going to first BP that I’ve got him for on August 31st.  So, that’s a BP, his first BP.  So he’ll have another BP, then we’ll get him into some type of simulated games or something.  Is it possible?  Possible.  A two inning job or something like that.  But to be ready to pitch six, seven innings any place?  No.”

On Alan Horne: “He pitches tomorrow in the Gulf Coast League.  We’ll see how he does.  I think his last outing, he went six innings and gave up three runs.  But (Trenton’s staff) is set, there’s a lot of pitching.” 

On Wilkin De La Rosa returning: “Our throwing program has him ready to pitch the last week of the season.  But again, that’s on paper.  He has to go out and see how he feels.  Paper wise, with his rest and the work we’ll do with the sides and the long toss programs, we could get him to pitch in the last week and the playoffs, possibly.  He’s got something wrong with the biceps tendon, that’s what it is.”

On Humberto Sanchez: “He’s coming along good.  He’s lost weight, he’s pitching well, he’s competing, he’s regaining his arm strength.  When I saw him in Harrisburg, it was the best I’ve seen him since we’ve had him.”

On Grant Duff: “Things are clicking for him.  He’s got a power arm.  We have Romulo Sanchez, who hits 99.  Melancon’s hit 97.  He’s in the top three or four (with velocity).  At least second for sure.  Romulo Sanchez is hitting 99 every game.  He’s come really well, though.  His delivery has really improved.  The slider’s good, the split’s there.  He’s done well.”

It all sounds very, very good.

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 2:31 pm

Nardi Speaks

Chad Jennings of the Scranton Times-Tribune has a quick Q & A on various pitchers with Nardi Contreras, Yankee organizational pitching guru, on his blog today. Everything sounds good, but unfortunately, no mention of how Alan Horne is coming along.

Eric Hacker
Left yesterday's game because of a blister.

Jeff Karstens
Throwing batting practice, facing live hitters. "Might get in a game next week," Contreras said.

Humberto Sanchez
Throwing bullpen sessions, but Contreras said he's not at 45 pitches yet. Forty five is an important number because if the Yankees are going to use Sanchez as a starter, they want him throwing at least 45 pitches before they let him pitch to hitters. If he's a reliever, he can start at 35 pitches. It has been my understanding that Sanchez will work as a reliever, at least that's what I was told this spring, but Contreras made it sound as though that's not set in stone. He obviously didn't go into specifics -- to be expected because the Yankees rarely go into specifics with this kind of thing -- but it sounds like Sanchez could be -- could be -- fairly close to pitching in games.

On Zach McAllister
Simply mentioning McAllister's name led Contreras to make this noise: "Wheeeew." He went on to say this: "I saw him pitch two days ago. Very, very good." 

On Chris Garcia
Let's just run one big quote here: "He'll pitch tomorrow, 55 pitches. Innings, it doesn't matter. He won't go more than four because he's only gone two, so we'll only bring him up by two. Even if he has pitches left, he'll throw those in the bullpen."

On Mark Melancon
Actually, this is about more than Melancon. This is Nardi's reaction when I said that Melancon seems to be pitching well: "Melancon is throwing hard, Coxy is in Double-A. Things are good. Things are good with the Yankees. Just got to get Ian back up and get Hughes healthy."

On Chase Wright and Dan McCutchen
I asked if it was possible that one of those two could be with the Triple-A team some time soon. Contreras didn't answer. He instead smiled and said he's going to Trenton tomorrow. Don't know exactly what that means. Might mean something, might mean nothing. Guess we'll find out in the next few days.

On Sean Henn
Nothing really to tell you about Henn. I didn't ask Contreras about him but I asked Brian Cashman when the team might know something and Cashman said only that the team would know something soon. I realize that tells you absolutely nothing you don't already know, but it's all I've got. 


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